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"My compositions are to be understood by the listener, providing a lively experience, far from shocking effects and abstract constructs. Simply music for listening and for feeling." Hubert Steppan.


  • About my music style

    "I want to name this style as neoclassical and romantic; it makes use of both the polyphony as well as the homophony and the musical trends of the 20th century, including those of young people. The characteristics, especially in the choral composition and orchestral works, are supported by the widely applied melodic arches of expansive harmonies, but they always feel obligated to a constant focus."

  • My style features

    "The characteristics of my compositions are widely applied melodic arches that are supported by expansive harmonies - Always committed to a constant emphasis."

Hubert Steppan 1928 - 2009
Life and work in stations

• Born on February 06, 1928 in Salzburg
• 1934: First musical education by his father Franz Steppan, an organist and professional musician who played in the orchestra of the famous cure &healing town Bad Gastein.
• 1942 -1944: At the age of 14 Hubert Steppan is accepted at the "Salzburg Mozarteum". He enrolles in music and composition.
• 1944: Interruption of studies.
• 1945 "Mozarteum Salzburg": Resumption of studies of music and composition. Student of Egon Kornauth, Paul Hindemith, Johann Nepomuk David und Cesar Bresgen.
• 1950:"Mozarteum Salzburg": Diploma for organ and music education.
• 1950: Founder of the children singing schools in Linz and Steyr.
• 1950-1955: Freelance artist in Salzburg and music teacher at the music schools of Linz and Salzburg.
• 1955-1991 St. Paul/Lavanttal: Music tutor at the "Stiftsgymnasium St. Paul", organist and choirmaster of the Benedictine monastery.
• 1959: Publisher of the first edition of the Divertimento in C (Cassatio in C), Hob. II: 17 by Joseph Haydn, in: Diletto Musicale No. 23, Doblinger series of early music, Vienna 1960.
• 1978-1993:Head of State Music Schools St. Paul and Lavamünd: Carinthia.
• 1979: Founding member of the "St. Paul Cultural Summer, Cultural Summer, St.Paul Im Lavanttal.
• 1984 St. Paul, 800th anniversary of the market St. Paul:
First Performance of Missa "Speravi in te Domine"; choir St. Paul, orchestra with teachers and students of the Carinthian Music School; organ and conductor: Hubert Steppan.
• 1988 Collegiate Church of St. Paul,Hemma anniversary of the "Diocese Gurk" 1987-1989:
First Performance of the "Deutsche Messe" in honor of Saint Hemma of Gurk; choir St. Paul, compilation of the ensemble of soloists from Graz (incl. Josef Guetz, Tenor) and instrumentalists, organ and conductor: Hubert Steppan; ORF broadcasting.
• 1991 Collegiate Church of St. Paul, 900-year celebration of the Benedictine monastery of St Paul: First performance of Missa "Ora et labora";
Choir St. Paul, compilation of the ensemble of soloists from Graz and instrumentalists, organ and conductor: Hubert Steppan; ORF and ZDF television broadcasting.
• 1993 St.Mary's church Warsaw, 3rd Festival of sacred music:
concert performance of the Missa "Speravi in te Domine" at the invitation of the Austrian Cultural Institute Warsaw;
Warsaw University Choir, Philharmony Lviv, Conductor: Hubert Steppan.
• 1993 Cultural Summer St. Paul, festive academy "Great Perfected Poetry" with the theme "Poetry - Music - Religion" celebrating the the 20th anniversary of the death of Christine Lavant: reading and recitation of various works of Christine Lavant and Georg Trakl and performance of songs based on poems of both authors by Gerhard Prinz and Hubert Steppan.
Speaker: Peter Raab, piano andconductor: Hubert Steppan.
• 1994 Mozarteum Salzburg, guest performance of "St. Paul Cultural Summer 1993 ', organized by the" Association of friends and patrons of the theater of Salzburg with the title "Poems. music, paintings and religion":
Reading and recitation of various works of Christine Lavant and Georg Trakl and performance of songs based on poems of both authors by Hubert Steppan;
Mezzo-soprano: Beatrix Robein, contralto: Bernadette Furch, tenor: Josef Guetz, bass: Günther Lackner, clarinet:Reinhard Gutschy, spokesman Peter Raab, piano and conductor: Hubert> • 1995 Great Hall of the Music Academy in Warsaw "Chopin Fryderyka", 30-year celebration of the Austrian CulturalInstitute in Warsaw:
First performance of ". Piano Concerto No. 1", a work commissioned by the Austrian Cultural Institute Warsaw;
Piano: Oksana Rapita, Lviv Philharmony, Conductor: Hubert Steppan.
• 1997 "Brigitte Church Gdansk", 1000th anniversary Gdansk: first performance of "Gdansk Symphony" -Symphony works for organ solo and orchestra, a commissioned work by the Austrian Cultural Institute Warsaw;
Baltic Philharmony, conductor: Zygmunt Rychert, Organ Solo: Hubert Steppan.
• 1997 "Austrian society for music":
composer portrait Hubert Steppan; Chair: Walburga Litschauer, Vienna.
• 1997 St. Peter's Church Salzburg:
Charity concert for the promotion of adialogue among religions and cultures by Prof. DDr. Francis X. D'Sa , head of the "Institute for the Study of Religion" in Pune, India;
Members of the "Mozarteum" Orchestra, direction and organ: Hubert Steppan.
• 2001 Theater of Salzburg, ceremony "70 years Thomas Bernhard":
First performance of the song-cycle "IX Psalms of Thomas Bernhard" for mezzo-soprano and piano; Mezzo-soprano: Astrid Hofer, piano: Alessandro Misciasci.
• 2001 Wolfsberg and Steyr, obituary 70th Birthday of Thomas Bernhard:
Reading "Große und Wilde Gesänge" and performance to music by Hubert Steppan.
• 2001 Cultural Summer St.Paul:
Performance of "Piano Concerto # 1";
Philharmonie Banatul Temesvar ("Banat Philharmonic), Conductor: Georg Kugi,Piano: Mihai Ungureanu.
• 2002 und 2003: Winner of the composition competition of the Austrian Composers' Associatin with "Selected literature for exams, competitions and evening lectures in the field of undergrads""Maestoso for trumpet and piano", "Impressions of Losenstein", "Minnelied", "Old-time".
• 2004 Cultural Sommer St.Paul and Millstatt Music Weeks:
First performance of the three "Orchestral Songs" based on texts by Guido Zernatto,Christine Lavant and Hermann Hesse;
Baritone: Marcus Pelz, Hungarian Chamber Philharmonics, Director: Georg Kugi; ORF-radio recording.
• 2005 Basilica "Santa Maria Maggiore" Rome, concert to commemorate the 85th anniversary of John Paul II, organizer "Fondazione Pro Musica e Arte Sacra" Rome and "Lux Regionis - Carinthia" Austria:
Concert performance of the Missa "Speravi in te Domine" (memorial concert 18th May 2005);
Dome Choir Klagenfurt, chorus master: Thomas Wasserfaller, Augsburg Philharmonic, Director: GMD Rudolf Piehlmayer; recordings by Sat 2000 and Vatican Radio.
• 2007 Cultural Sommer St.Paul and Millstatt Music Weeks:
First performance of "Piano Concerto #2";
International Danube Philharmonic, conductor: Georg Kugi, Piano: Gereon Kleiner (Mozarteum Salzburg).
• 2009 On August 02, 2009 Hubert Steppan had his last public appearance in the Collegiate Church of St. Paul:
Frst performance of "Ave Maria" op. 350 for medium voice and organ;
Baritone: Frater Petrus Tschreppitsch, Organ: Hubert Steppan.
• Throughout his career, Hubert Steppan was a musicological member of encyclopedias MGG was (music in the past and present) and RISM (RepertoireInternational des Sources Musicales) Austria.

• Hubert Steppan dies on September 09, 2009 in Wolfsberg.


• 2010 St.Mary's church Steyr:First performance of "Missa brevis in D" ("Saint Mary's Mass", written in 2009);
Festmesse Steyr February 14, 2010;
Choire "VoCappella Styriensis", director: Bernhard Schörkhuber.
• 2011 Cultural Summer St.Paul, orchestral concert "In memoriam Hubert Steppan":
Performance of several orchestral songs for Mezzosoprano and orchester:
"Die Zeit ist ausgelöscht, o Herr", Text: Thomas Bernhard
"Wieder brach er bei dem Nachbar ein", Text: Christine Lavant
"Die große Welt, das kann schon sein", Text: Guido Zernatto
"Stufen", Text: Hermann Hesse;
Mezzosoprano: Rita-Lucia Schneider, International Danube Philharmonic, Director: Georg Kugi; ORF radio broadcast.
• 2013 "Franco-American Vocal Academy" Salzburg:
First performance of the second movement of "Sonata in b- minor" for cello und piano;
Cello: Johannes Nauber, Piano:Mia Elezović.
• 2014 St. Veit im Pongau, 20. "Thomas Bernhard Tage" 2014, Organized by the "Seelackenmuseums" :
Lecture and concert of "6 Psalmen" text by Thomas Bernhard;
Lecture: Veronika Schmidinger, mezzosoprano: Isabell Czarnecki, piano: Andreas Gassner.
• 2015 Schloss Goldegg, Liederabend "Thomas Bernhard: seine Lieder, seine Psalmen", organized by Kulturverein Goldegg:
"6 Psalmen" und "Preisen will ich Dich" - Lied für Alt, Klarinette und Klavier aus "In hora mortis"; mezzosoprano: Isabell Czarnecki, clarinet: Harald Fleißner, piano: Miku Nishimoto-Neubert.
• 2015 Cultural Summer St.Paul
First performance of der "Sonata in b-minor" for violoncello and piano; Performance of "Remember" for violin and piano , "Sonetto" for clarinet and piano;
Alisios Camerata Zagreb, Clarinet: Radovan Cavallin; Violin: Vlatka Peljhan, Cello: Branimir Pustički, Piano: Mia Elezović.
• 2016 Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität - Grosser Saal: Abschlusskonzert Gesang Klasse Christa Ratzenböck
Psalm VI "Der Abend schickt mir das Korn" op. 316
Psalm VII "Könnte ich sagen..." op. 304
Isabell Czarnecki Mezzosopran, Tobias Neubauer Klavier
• 2016 St.Pauler Kultursommer: Liederabend "Hubert Steppan", nach Texten von Thomas Bernhard.
Psalm IV Ich werde an den Rand gehen op.311
Psalm V Alle Fische des Meeres op.321
Psalm VI Der Abend schickt mir das Korn op.316
Psalm VII Könnte ich sagen...op.304
Psalm VIII Schwarz ist das Gras op.307
Psalm IX Ich fürchte mich nicht mehr op.315
Mezzosopran: Isabell Czarnecki, Klavier: Andreas Gassner



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"Remember für Violine und Klavier"
"Cellosonata aus einer anderen Welt"
"Sonetto für Klarinette und Klavier"
Rehearsal:  Cycle of songs: "Nine Psalms" after texts by Thomas Bernhard
For Ever (op. 342a)
Psalm VII "Könnte ich sagen"
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musical editors: Cornelia Grammer/Salzburg und Alexander Engler/Bad Reichenhall
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